As a 2014 IBA graduate, I look back fondly to the many memories that I made with my teachers and my fellow classmates. From the classes, to the class trips, to the many sporting events, as well as just taking pride in our schools spirit, there was always something to which I looked forward. My parents made a great choice when they sent me to IBA.  They invested in an education that provided the foundation for my academic career. The faculty and staff at IBA were always an encouragement to me. Their love for the students was always evident by their investment of extra time to provide an enjoyable Christ-like atmosphere for everyone.           -Megan Abot

I graduated from IBA in 2004 and am thankful for IBA's influence on my life.  I knew the teachers and staff cared about me because they took time to make sure I was learning instead of just pushing me through from grade to grade.  I thank God for IBA and for the difference the faculty is making in childrens lives everyday.                       -Jillana Fridenstine

The Lord had purpose in the U.S. Air Force moving my family to Maryland in 1978. I am so grateful Independent Baptist Church had decided to start a Christian academy a few years prior to our arrival. I spent my senior year enjoying new friends, enjoying a disciplined atmosphere of education, and enjoying an inspirational guidance for future planning. I loved my English, speech, music, and art classes which prepared me for the roles I have been blessed to serve in these many years. I have many fond memories of our school retreat, our drama production, our out-of-town sports trips, our regional and state competitions, and especially my senior trip to Puerto Rico. Teachers and faculty of IBA, in molding my memories; you were molding my life. I thank the Lord for your sacrifice.      -Valerie Creed