Every student receives some type of foundation for life regardless of where they attend school. The question is what kind of foundation and what quality of foundation do you want for your child? Here at IBA our goal is Building a Foundation Today for Success Tomorrow.

From our preschool all the way through twelfth grade we focus on four essential foundations-

  • Academic Excellence

Every day our experienced team of teachers conducts each classroom with passion. Our goal is to see each and every student receive the best education possible. This goal is not just words on a page to us, it is the passion of our hearts. In addition to passionate teachers, we use the best, Christian-school curriculum available, in our opinion, ABeka.    

  • Christian Character

Education without character is tragic. We want our students to have the education they need so they can succeed, but we also want them to have Christian character so they will succeed. Christian character is something we model and teach on a daily basis. Every grade has a Bible class every day. We have high-school and elementary chapels on a consistent basis to challenge the students to live for Christ.

  • Unapologetic Patriotism

We are proud to be Americans! We teach our students it is a privilege to live in America. We pledge allegiance to the American flag first thing every day. We have special patriotic programs the whole school puts on to honor our service men and women. Being so close to Washington, D.C. our high school students are offered some special opportunities to see the United States Federal Government operate first hand.  

  • Social Interaction

Here at IBA we strive to provide a safe and Christ-honoring atmosphere for our students. We foster social interaction by offering sports programs, exciting field trips and daily interaction with students from other grades.