Student Life

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Both elementary and high school chapels can play a crucial role in nurturing the moral and spiritual development of students. In elementary school chapels, children may participate in creative activities like artwork or skits to reinforce the lessons they learn during these sessions. High school chapels may include guest speakers, students or faculty sharing personal testimonies, and group discussions on relevant issues. These sessions are usually seen as an opportunity for older students to reflect on their values and beliefs.

Fine Arts

Every year our students from fourth grade to twelfth grade participate in Fine Arts. We are part of an association of Christian schools. We compete against each other in Regional and State competitions. These are competitions our students look forward to participating in every year.

Girl practicing flute in classroom at music school


Our students have the opportunity to get private music lessons during the school day, on campus, from various music teachers who teach either piano, flute, violin, guitar or clarinet.

Athletics Program

IBA has always enjoyed having an enthusiastic sports program throughout its 50 year history. For the boys, we offer Varsity soccer and basketball. For the girls, we offer Varsity volleyball and basketball. We compete in a league with several other Christian schools in the state of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and West Virginia. The teams also enjoy going to a tournament at the end of each season.

Intramural Sports

Every year for the elementary grades we have intramural sports. They always enjoy getting to face off against their fellow classmates on the basketball court as well as on the soccer field. We create our own league within the school. All parents are welcome to come in and watch their student play just like any other sports game. This ensures that our elementary students benefit from playing sports without the added expense and time it takes to participate in a league.

Field Trips

Every class gets to enjoy a couple of field trips throughout the year. Depending on what grade you are in, you could go to the Baltimore Aquarium, the U.S. Capitol, the Maryland State Capital, Lancaster, PA or enjoy one of the many historic places surrounding our area.


School Programs

An exciting time every year is when the entire school puts on a fall program for the parents. Every year is a different program, and the students always do a wonderful job.  The program serves as great entertainment for parents, but it is also a great learning opportunity for the children. They learn about stage presence, singing, performing and working together with other students.