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6th-12th graders who are participating in our sports program will find practice and games schedules available each season below:

Boys Basketball Schedule

Girls Basketball Schedule


Our school calendar is designed to balance academic rigor with well-deserved breaks, providing students and educators with optimal learning opportunities.

Preschool Calendar 2023-2024

IBA Calendar 2023-2024

Fine Arts

Every year our students from fourth grade to twelfth grade participate in Fine Arts. We are part of an association of Christian schools. We compete against each other in Regional and State competitions. These are competitions our students look forward to participating in every year.

Details for the event categories are below:


Bible Memory

Essay Writing

Graphic Design


History Project


Poetry Writing

Science Experiment

Science Research Project


Spelling 4th-6th Grade

Spelling 7th-12th Grade


Gradelink makes it simple to maintain parent and school communication. The parent portal provides access to academic progress, making it easy to view class and assignment grades, due dates, upcoming homework, and more.

Parents and students can download file attachments posted by the teacher, including worksheets, permission slips, study guides, and the class syllabus.

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Hot Lunch

A lunch menu form is sent out via email/text one week in advance for students to select the days they would like to eat hot lunch.

If your student is enrolled and you are not recieving this form, please contact the school office at (301) 856-1616 or [email protected].

Intramural Sports

Every year for the elementary grades we have intramural sports. They always enjoy getting to face off against their fellow classmates on the basketball court as well as on the soccer field. We create our own league within the school. All parents are welcome to come in and watch their student play just like any other sports game. This ensures that our elementary students benefit from playing sports without the added expense and time it takes to participate in a league.

Game Schedule

Report Student Absence

Advanced notice of your student's absence for appointments, family events, etc. will help teachers prepare and keep students on track.

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Spirit Days

Throughout the year, we have Spirit Days when students and staff have the opportunity to show off their school spirit!

Preschool Spirit Days

IBA Spirit Days

Parent Teacher Town Halls

We host these town hall meetings to maintain good communication and healthy interaction between parents and educators as we work together for our students.

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Traffic Pattens

To optimize student pickup and dropoff times, we have instituted the following traffic patterns for the Preschool and Academy.